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Latest problems

Radiator replacement
Dodge Caliber 2009 Dodge
Hit a deer an needed a radiator replacement so I replaced it, then red oil started leaking from unknown area, doesn't over heat an did drive now I get home an it starts but doesn't move when put into… 

Car won't crank had new ignition key replaced because of loss of origi
Dodge Caliber 2006 4 door
Key programed but ignition switch was broken now won't start only dashboard lights come on chimes 5 times and than 1 more chime how to get by pas anti theft

Over heating
Dodge Caliber 2012 manual
My car is over heating we have change so many things Thermostart New, Head gasket, water pump, new pipes we have put the coolant but still overheart but the temperature is not going up when I check th… 

Dodge Caliber 2005 Dodge calliper
Can I use atf+4 instead of cvtf+4

All warning lights are on and buzzer
Dodge Caliber 2008 4; door
All warning lights are on and buzzer is dinging, how to reset and make buzzer stop.

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