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Latest problems

No lights no power of any kind no turn on start
Dodge Dakota 2006 Doge Dakota 4,7 4x4 truck
No lights no power of any kind no turn no start. Good battery

Bucking and surging
Dodge Dakota 1985 Pickup truck
When riding down the road it starts bucking and searching like it's running out of gas change positioning sensor and still doing it again runs good for a minute and then goes right back to the old way

The truck acts like the battery is dead but it’s not. Now the lights.
Dodge Dakota 2006 Dodge Dakota
The truck acts like it wants to start, all lights on the dashboard come on and the battery is good, but it won’t start. Help Please

Ideling roughly trying to cut off
Dodge Dakota 1992 Single cab, 3.9 4x4
When started, idles high then low tries to cut off, mostly it won't cut off but then it does u have to put the gas to the floor and then it starts after a second. I've replaced the MAP sensor, idle ai… 

Fuel pump not working
Dodge Dakota 1994 pickup 2.0 dakota sport
Truck has set for years tried to start it will if i poore gas in carb no sounf from fuel pump fues box under hood where fule pump relay says it is no wires going there the relays tghar are in there al… 

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