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Latest problems

random shut down while driving
Dodge Grand Caravan 2016 grand caravan
shuts off while driving . if an hour or more passes it will restart

Fuel pump won't turn off
Dodge Grand Caravan 2013
The old fuel pump went completely out.. so we replaced the issue is that the new fuel pump won't turn off either and kills the battery. Now i located the fuse and I take it out the pump goes… 

Electrical / failsafe
Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 3.7 L
2011 dodge grand caravan windshield wipers are automatically stuck on as well with the head lights, and the cluster is completely dead, blinkers do not work.

P1745 engine light on
Dodge Grand Caravan 2013 Transmission
Does not shift stay on the first gear only

Overhead door control panel
Dodge Grand Caravan 2013 3.6
Q: which fuse controls the overhead door control panel/console?

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