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Latest problems

Windshield wipers
Dodge Neon 2002 Automatic
Is there such a thing as a windshield wiper relay? If so, where is it located?

Roaring hwyspeed better when raining run good r&r 2 mounts easy ones
Dodge Neon 2004 Sxt. 2.0
Roaring hwy speed better w raining vibration too r&r 2 moter mounts not one in center still persists. Is the center one u can spot fron r f wheel well the problem. Hear it’s hard to replace. Is th… 

Transmission Failure
Dodge Neon 2003
I've owned my neon for exactly one year, I've known from day one there was something wrong with it, my code reader at first read EVAP failure, so I changed the cap. I took it to get new breaks and was… 

Dodge Neon 1995 4 door/ 2.0L
I was driving the car and it got hot started overheating and when I pulled over and pop the hood if it's smoking white from around the motor but there's plenty of oil and antifreeze what could my prob… 

Roaring sound under the car
Dodge Neon 2001 2.0
While I'm driving it sounds like I'm dragging something and roaring sound when I turn to the left or right it sounds like clicking noise... plz help...

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