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Latest problems

clutch,starter safety switch
Dodge Ram 3500 2008 dodge 3500 6.7 diesel
no power to clutch /starter safety switch, out of the blue my truck doesn't even click when trying to start, batteries are good

P0034 Unknown DTC
Dodge Ram 3500 2017 Turbo actuator
The code p0034 Unknown appears, The information taken from the harness, the positive and negative cable of both ends show correct voltage but the signal shows 4.2 and the return shows 7.2 and varies

P0205 - Injector Circuit Cylinder 5
Dodge Ram 3500 2020
P0205 - Injector Circuit Cylinder 5

The fan does not heat
Dodge Ram 3500 2017
The hot mode of the fan not heats up

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