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Latest problems

Battery drainage
Ford Escort 1995 Long boot
I got problem with my ford escort when it's cold the car don't start and when the terminal is on the battery the battery become dead the car 🚗 don't start on less I do a kick start b4 so please show… 

No start no power
Ford Escort 2006 Escort zx2 3.8 vct engine.
No start no lights anywhere no noise except for a relay buzzing under dash. The pitch of the buzzing changes when I turn the key. Positive cable on battery getting hot

Engine problem
Ford Escort 1991 Sedan
Hi I've got a 1.6 escort when I start it's ok but as soon as I drive and it's warm it cuts off then I have to wait a while before starting it again can anyone assist me

Car turn on but doesnt want to go no idle
Ford Escort 1996 Sadan
If i start car it only goes on... doesnt want to start completly

Battery Problem
Ford Escort 2001 ZX2 2Dr Coupe
When I Go 2 Try An Start The Car It Acts As If The Battery is Dead Bt It Has A Brand Spankin New Battery So I Dont Know Why It's Acting Like That 🥺 So If Any One Could Please Help Me Out With My Prob… 

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