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Latest problems

Car is throwing a code saying timing is retarded do I fix this
Ford Expedition 2005 Ford Expedition 5.4l
When I start it up it knocks really loud but goes away within a few seconds what causes this and how do I fix it?

Air suspension is running a lot but no air in the bags
Ford Expedition 2005 Ford Expedition 5.4l
Air compressor is running almost all the time but the air is leaking out somewhere because the frame is all the way down makes for a very very bumpy drive

Random electrical problems after battery was drained and recharged.
Ford Expedition 2016 XLT V6 3.5L
My car went into the dealership for a recall repair. They called and said my battery died, but they called Autozone and I should have a warranty because it is only a year old. So they returned my 2016… 

Fuse position
Ford Expedition 2005
I would like to know in what order or position by color or same position as the diagram

Starter problems
Ford Expedition 2005
Car will not start after I rebuild and replace transmission

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