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Latest problems

(New classic truck owner) Won’t turn over, + general clutch issues
Ford F-100 1978 Ford F-100 Custom V6 4.9L
When the brake is in and key is turned the truck will jolt but no further noises or movement. When truck does turn over has trouble shifting into reverse and first gear. Just trying to learn how to ge… 

Does not start
Ford F-100 1977
My f100 has been without being used for more than 7 years. I've been replacing all its pieces for more than two years: fuel hoses, fuel and oil filters, gas, caburetor kit, fuel pump, wires, among man… 

Safety valve failure
Ford F-100 2010
Most of the f100 vans have a problem in the safety valve in the engines cummins common rail. The problem appears when this valve remains stuck, not allowing the engine to start. I found this out by my… 

Swings at high speeds
Ford F-100 1994
I own an f100 and, when exceeding 50 mph, the van swings so much that it is really hard to keep the steering stable. What might be the failure?

Acceleration failure
Ford F-100 2007
Hi, I bought an F-100 2007 and its problem is that, both when accelerating and decelerating, it takes long to respond. I do not know if this is normal or not, because I compare it with the previous on… 

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