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Latest problems

Car won’t move in any gear
Ford Mustang 2007 V6
My car starts, all the electrical things are working fine but when I put my car into gear it won’t move. It won’t move in drive reverse 1 or 2 and I can’t pin point exactly what it is.

Tracking down PATS problem
Ford Mustang 2002 Manual, V8
Interior fuse panel only has power to half the fuses not the other half. When a code reader is plugged up it’ll power on the code reader, but it will not communicate with the PCM.

My fuse box is under the steering wheel in cab
Ford Mustang 2001 Convertable
A fuse fell out and I'm wondering if that is to the fuel pump because cutting out and dieing was an issue but now it won't start at all. I can't find which fuse is fuel pump because you don't have the… 

My mustang radio has stopped working as well as the air con and heater
Ford Mustang 2011 3.7L
After a deadshort with the exterior lights the ac fuse blew and was replaced, then the radio, exterior and interior lights, ac, electric locks or stationary lights do not work. Radio has stopped work… 

Blowen fuses
Ford Mustang 2002 v6
Need a diagram of fuse block just replaced rt rear cal and all brake pads

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