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Engine shuts off.

Ford Mystique 2000  125000 miles
Driving along windows go down slow, lights dim. Engine stops while driving.
Rich from United States 7 years ago  
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Does not start

Ford Mystique 1998  220000 miles
I have a problem with my vehicle: it does not start and there is no spark. When turning the ignition key, the light that is right next to the digital clock on the dashboard remains blinking. Does anyone know what might be happening? I'm really worried.
Muriel from United States 8 years ago  
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tonie16 from United States 8 years ago
It might be that the alarm's protection mode has been activated. If the chip key has fallen down, it might be damaged and misconfigured.
Muriel from United States 8 years ago
Thanks. I've already solved it. The wires from the sensor that sends the signal to the coil were stuck together, causing the failure. I needed to repair the harness as well. Hope it helps and thank you for your response.

Many failures

Ford Mystique 1996
I own a Mercury Mystique 1996 and the engine harness has a manufacturing problem. The wires covering gets damaged with time because it is exposed to the heat from the engine, causing the wires to peel. When two peeled sections join, a short circuit is generated and that is were major problems begin: high fuel consumption, jerks, lack of response on uphill roads, overdrive activation, among many others. And this problem must be corrected from scratch; Ford is responsible for all the failures. I do not recommend it.
anonymous user from United States 8 years ago
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Charlotte from United States 8 years ago
I have the same problem with a Mystique 96 which has barely got 50000 miles. I've thought about replacing the harness, but I do not know where to buy it.

Does not start

Ford Mystique 1998  100000 miles
I own a vehicle year 98, its engine was replaced and the car has not started since then. There is no spark. What might be happening?
hoda from United States 8 years ago  
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Val02 from United States 8 years ago
First, you need to check that there is electric current reaching the coil. If there is, then check there is current in the wires, by turning the ignition key and removing the wires one by one. If there is no spark, it must be the coil. Good luck

Starting failure

Ford Mystique 1999  178000 miles
I bought my Mystique Mercury a year ago and it is now happening that, if I leave the stereo turned on, the engine does not start. The switch opens, but the starter does not respond. It is only after trying many times that I can finally start driving. Can anyone guide me please? I really do not know what might be happening. I thought about changing the battery, but I do not know if it is the best option.
obe from United States 8 years ago  
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ARAMINTA from United States 8 years ago
I personally believe the problem must be in the ignition switch. If the alternator was not charging the battery, the engine would never start. In order to check if they are failing, do the following: with a digital voltage meter measure the battery terminals which, at rest, should have a voltage of around 11.95-12 volts; then start the engine and leave it at idle speed, measure the voltage again and it should be around 13.43 volts. If the voltages are lower than those values, the alternator is not working and depletes the battery. Hope it helps.

Does not start

Ford Mystique 2000  150000 miles
I own a Mystique 2000 engine 2.5 and one day, I arrived home, parked it like any other day and, the following morning, there was no way to start the engine. It has got spark and fuel, but it does not start. The fuel pump has been replaced, but nothing changed. Can anyone help me please?
bill from United States 8 years ago  
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percy from United States 8 years ago
When the crankshaft or camshaft sensors fail, the engine does not start for protection. Good luck.

Electrical fuse

Ford Mystique 1996 4cyl 4 dr 178000 miles
Number 4 fuse blows and engine wont start num 4 fuse is for daytime running lights? When replace fuse it blows again
Cfeland from United States 8 years ago  

Key won't shut off car

Ford Mystique 1999  60000 miles
My key will not turn to the off position to stop the engine from running. I can remove the key but I can not turn off the engine. To stop the engine I have to pull the fuse and disconnect the battery everytime I want to stop or reverse the procedure if I want to go. Help
mjmx100 from United States 8 years ago  
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