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Latest problems

JERKING engine
Ford Ranger 2015 Wildtrak 3.2 TDCI
I have started noticing irregular reving up of the rev counter needle and I can feel a slight jerking motion of the vehicle while speeding up. What could this be?

My headlights are not w
Ford Ranger 1999 Ford ranger 5 speed short bed
My headlights aren't working

Check engine light / traction control light on
Ford Ranger 2014 3.2tdi ford ranger
Hi all few days ago I left for work 5:30am got down the road and car jerked when I took foot off throttle. Put my foot back down and noticed their was no power car was struggling to move. Traction con… 

Headlight plug-in on interior gets extremely hot
Ford Ranger 1999 Ranger XLT 3.0 v6 4x4
Headlight plug-in on interior gets extremely hot. One night I heard a pop in that general location and noticed later that the area was extremely hot and the plug was almost too hot to touch that I not… 

Battery drain x2 batteries, one almost brand new...only had this a wee
Ford Ranger 2015 XLT
Battery dead as left USB plugged into tablet overnight

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