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StartMyCar is a community of users centered around vehicles: questions, answers, problems and solutions. The community is made up of people like you: everybody can ask and reply. If you have a problem with your vehicle, you can see if somebody had a similar problem, what suggestions he received, and how he solved it. You can ask new questions about any problems or doubts you may have. You can also suggest solutions to other users' problems. Contributions are always welcome: the StartMyCar community grows based on mutual help. Ask, answer, learn and help!

Questions: Problems, issues and doubts


You can always ask new questions and share problems or issues you have with a vehicle. When you ask a new question, describe your problem clearly and in detail to get a better chance of somebody helping you. And if you have solved the problem, come back and tell us how you did it! Your experience might be of great help for someone with the same problem.


If you have a suggestion, have seen the problem before, or simply want to reply to a user, you can comment on a question. Keep in mind that there is a person having a problem on the other side, so always be respectful and well intended.


If you like a question or answer, you can upvote it. The amount of votes will give the rest of the users an idea of the community's opinion about the question or answer.

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You are not required to register in order to browse the site. However, if you want to ask a new question or reply to an existing one, you will have to register. You can create an account with an email address and password, or login securely with your Facebook account, completing your nickname and country as well. If you already have an account with an email and password, you can associate it to log in with Facebook too. We will notify you via email when there's a reply to a question or comment you've made.

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