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Latest problems

2005 Honda Accord Car won't move when put into Drive
Honda Accord 2005 V6
Car trans slips while driving. I stop car, turn off engine, restart & the car drives again for a while then it starts to slip again. Drives fine but the problem continues. As I had to repeat cycle… 

Sunroof found open
Honda Accord 2010 Accord
Went to get to get in the car found the sunroof open. No other window open. I know if the key is pushed twice all widows open. The key fob does not work and just sun glass open. Now I have a battery d… 

Turns over but won't start
Honda Accord 2000 4door
Car turns over but but won't start even with starting fluid

Starting problem
Honda Accord 2010 Sedan
Whenever I park my for some hours n the engine cools down. If I try starting it after, It takes like 3-4 rolling before it starts n the starting isn't that smooth.

Front end or what
Honda Accord 2006 Ex v6 3.0
When I accelerate from a stop my car studders between 2 and 3 gear I downshift and it stops. I also have a hiccup between 1500-2000 rpm the tach bounces. Don't know if it's related but it's getting wo… 

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