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Latest problems

Oil in radiator overflow, overheating
Honda Civic 1998 D16y7
Just bought a 1998 coupe civic dx model with a d16y7 ? Manual 1.6l on my way home I parked the vehicle noticed bubbling sound coming from under hood figured coolant ? Two days later I checked fluids r… 

Power loss and engine shutdown.
Honda Civic 2005 Sedan
My Honda civic keeps losing power and switching off, especially when the temperatures are a bit high. Sometimes it does this randomly in the middle of the road. My mechanic told me that it is a radiat… 

High speed fan
Honda Civic 2019 sedan ciciv 2.0
High speed fan not coming on

Radio problems wonky
Honda Civic 2006 LX Coupe
This is happening to me. I had starter, battery, alternator replaced and ignition control module. It still is wonky. It goes from am to FM to aux, to not working to turning on and it being very loud a… 

Malfunction electrical parking brake
Honda Civic 2017
Malfunction electrical parking brake

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