What styles of car bodies exist?

What styles of car bodies exist?

The body of a car is the space where the passengers and the cargo are placed. In promotional pamphlets, you usually read words like Sedan, Minivan, SUV, Hatchback, etc. All of them are related to the car body style. In this article, we will tell you how to classify different car bodies and their particular features.

Types according to body configuration

According to their configuration, car bodies can be distinguished from each other because of their designs, that is to say, their geometrical structure is well-defined. In these images, you can see their shapes highlighted in color. The type will change according to the number of boxes their design has:

  • One-box design, monospace or monovolume: the car body does not have any divisions; it has a one-box design.
  • Two-box design: they have two volumes. There is one volume for the engine and the front wheel assembly, and another volume for the cabin and the trunk.
  • Three-box design: They have three separate boxes: the front box (engine), the passenger box (cabin) and rear box (cargo).

Types according to their style

Besides their body configuration, there is a classification according to the style of the car. In this list, the number of doors and the way the trunk is opened, among other characteristics, will be included. In this group, the different car styles will be grouped esthetically.

  • Sedan: it has a three-box design with four doors. It is the most common car, and you can see it has a front section (hood), a middle section (cabin), and a rear section (trunk). It has a horizontal trunk lid that does not include the glass of the rear window.
  • Berlina: it is very similar to sedan cars, but the trunk lid does include the glass of the rear window. This means that you can enter the cabin through the trunk. That is why this design is said to have five doors. Esthetically speaking, if we compare them to sedan cars, the trunk seems smaller in comparison to the cabin.
  • Station wagon: they have a two-box design where the cabin and the trunk share a volume. According to their manufacturing country, they are also be called “Break” or “Avant,” among others.
  • Three or five doors: their car bodies have two boxes. The trunk lid includes the rear window when it opens, so its opening is wide. For this reason, it is considered another door, and it is added to the number of side doors.
  • Coupé: they have two or three boxes and only two side doors. They are called fastback or notchback (respectively) according to the angle that the rear window forms with the trunk door (we will explain this later).
  • Convertible: also called Cabriolet or Roadster. The roof can be retraced or removed. You can keep it in the trunk and the cabin will be roofless. This way, you will be able to enjoy the sun and the wind.
  • SUV (sport utility vehicle): they usually have two boxes, but they are bigger than a regular car’s. They were designed to be road-going passenger cars, but they can also move off-road occasionally thanks to their bigger wheels. There are more sophisticated versions that are also 4x4.
  • Crossover: they are a crossover between sedan and SUV cars.
  • Pick-up or trucks: they have a cargo area at the back that is usually open, although they may include a tarpaulin cover or a rigid one made of plastic.
  • Off-road cars: they usually have two boxes, and their main purpose is to drive through off-road complications (mud, sand, snow, or rocks). They typically have four-wheel drive and wheels that are big and have noticeable patterns for better grip.

Types according to the rear section

1. Notchback: it is a synonym for three-box cars. The front section, middle section, and rear section are well-defined.

2. Hatchback: they are two-box cars. The rear truck lid includes the rear window glass, and its shape falls abruptly, which makes the rear part of the car have a pronounced shape. Through its truck, you can enter the cabin. Unlike station wagons, hatchback cars have a shorter overhang rear and a truck door that is less vertical.

3. Liftback: they are a variation of hatchback cars, but their truck door is sloping. They usually have four side doors, so they are considered equivalent to “five door” cars.

4. Fastback or Sportback: there is a single slope from the roof to the tail. They are aerodynamic cars.

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