What should you check on your Pro Ceed before a road trip?

What should you check on your Pro Ceed before a road trip?

The idea at this point is not to do a complete maintenance service for your car; we assume that the service schedule is being followed properly.

You may perform this check-up yourself or have your trusted car mechanic do it in your place. Please remember that we have specific guides where you can see where to find each compartment we will mention in this article.

  1. Motor oil: check that your Pro Ceed has not covered the mileage recommended by the manufacturer before you must change the oil, including the miles you will drive in your trip. You should also check the motor oil level, and, if you need to refill it, you should use the recommended oil.
  2. Brake fluid: check that its level is correct. If you have to refill it, make sure you use the fluid your car needs. If you do not know which fluid your car needs, you can read our guide about brake fluid.
  3. Coolant: check that there is enough coolant and make sure it looks shiny. If it looks dull or dark, it is time to change it. If you want to learn more about overheating you can read our guide about it.
  4. Power steering fluid: make sure that its level is adequate. If you need to add more fluid, you can check which one is the right one for your car by clicking here.
  5. Windshield wiper fluid: it is almost always overlooked, but you should check that there is enough of this fluid and it should be clean so that it can wipe any dirt that may adhere to the glass during the trip, like bugs. There are specific products which are really good for this purpose and you can get them in gas stations.
  6. Leaks: open the hood of your car and take a good look at the engine to check if there are any leaks. You can also check the place where you usually park your car to see if there are any oil or liquid stains on the floor.
  7. Wiper blades: make sure that the wiper blades are wiping water correctly. If they are not, replace them for new ones.
  8. Lights: check that all the exterior lights are working properly and check that the headlamps are aligned so that your visibility improves and you do not dazzle other drivers.
  9. Wheels: check their pressure and their general state. If they are too worn-out or you see some cracks or damaged parts, you should replace them for new ones. Do not forget to check your spare wheel as well. You can read more about this topic by clicking here.
  10. Alignment and balancing: you should keep your wheels aligned and balanced. This will prevent any bothersome vibrations when you speed up, and it will also reduce the wear of your wheels.
  11. Safety elements: check the charge level of your fire extinguisher. Make sure you have reflective triangles, a sling or a tow hitch, and all the safety elements required by law.
  12. Documentation: make sure that you have all the documentation required by law and that it is up to date.

Do not check these things at the last minute because if you need to repair anything, it may take a few days to do so.

Why should you check your Pro Ceed before a trip?

Driving on highways is way riskier than driving through the city because you will drive at a faster speed and it is a lot harder to get help quickly. For this reason, you should make sure that your Pro Ceed is in perfect condition.

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