What is the error code OBD II P0106?

What is the error code OBD II P0106?

In short:
The error code P0106 indicates that the MAP sensor has a problem with the voltage output range, which means there may be a problem with the electric circuit or a mechanical problem with the engine.

The MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor is a fundamental part of the fuel injection system. It measures the pressure inside the intake manifold and then tells the ECU (the computer called Engine Control Unit) the amount of engine load, that is to say, its exertion levels.

With this and some other information, the ECU will calculate how much fuel it should inject into the engine to guarantee its optimal performance while consuming the lowest amount of fuel possible.

Symptoms of the error code P0106

Generally, when the error code P0106 occurs, the “check engine” light comes on. The car will not work like it usually does: its speed will always be idle, and the acceleration will be erratic, making the engine behave unsteadily and lower its performance. An additional consequence may be that your Pro Ceed will consume more fuel than normal.

The most common causes behind the error code P0106

  • The intake hose is not connected the right way; it may be loose or cracked. Because of this, air from outside may get into the system, and this will drastically change the pressure in the intake manifold.
  • Damaged internal components, usually because there are manufacturing defects. The sensor itself may be out of range.
  • Faulty wiring: This is usually caused by damaged wires, plugs/jacks that are not properly connected, or dirty electrical contacts.
  • The engine is in bad mechanical conditions, such as having burned-out valves, for example.
  • Problems with the ECU (the unit that controls the engine): this is the least frequent problem.

⚠️ Do not wash the engine with a pressure washer or with too much water when the engine is still hot. The thermal shock that cold water produces on these components can cause permanent damage to many engine sensors.

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Kia Pro Ceed problems: the error code p0106

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