Symptoms of your Pro Ceed‘s error code P0340

Symptoms of your Pro Ceed‘s error code P0340

  • It may be hard or even impossible to start the car
  • You may notice there is a loss of power while you are driving
  • The idle speed may be unstable, and the car may stop moving on its own
  • The check engine light comes on

The most common causes behind the error code P0340 of your Pro Ceed

  • The camshaft position sensor may be faulty
  • The crankshaft position sensor may be faulty
  • The camshaft position sensor’s circuit wiring or connectors are damaged
  • Faulty PCM (Power Control Module)

What is the error code OBD-II P0340 of your Pro Ceed?

The error code P0340 signals that there is a problem with the circuit of the camshaft position sensor. This sensor determines the rotational speed and the camshaft position, and then it sends this information to the PCM. With this information, the PCM synchronizes the timing of the fuel injection with the timing of the ignition system (the spark). When the signal between the sensor and the PCM is interrupted, this synchronization fails and the engine may behave erratically. You will know that there is a problem because the “check engine” light will come on and it will show the code P0340 when you scan your car.

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Kia Pro Ceed problems: the error code P0340

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