What filters exist in your Pro Ceed and when should you replace them?

What filters exist in your Pro Ceed and when should you replace them?

In short:
The filters in your Pro Ceed catch impurities and keep them away from the system they protect. Almost all of them work in the same way: the fluid goes through one or more sheets of porous paper in which these impurities are caught.

⚠️ There is one main problem with filters:

As time goes on, particles are accumulated in the filters and overload them, so the fluids (either fuel, air, or oil) cannot flow through them anymore. When this happens, we say that the filter is “clogged.”

When should you change the filters of your Pro Ceed?

  • Air filter: They must usually be replaced every 7,000 miles.
    Purpose: they purify the air that gets into the cylinders. It catches any impurities that may be in the air, such as dirt, sand, plant remains, bugs, etc. It is essential to keep the internal surfaces of both cylinders and piston rings clean, which also diminishes their wear. It is found inside the engine compartment, inside of a plastic black box (air cleaner case).
  • Fuel filter: Fuel filters should be replaced every 10,000 miles or once a year. Diesel filters usually last longer, so it is advisable to change them after 30,000 miles.
    Purpose: it catches all the impurities in the fuel that may come from the fuel tank. It prevents the injectors, as well as some other parts of the fuel feed system, from getting dirty. In Diesel cars, they also catch the water that may be in the fuel.This filter is usually close to the fuel tank in gasoline cars, and you can access it right under it. On the other hand, in Diesel cars, this filter is placed inside the engine compartment.
  • Motor oil filter: They must usually be replaced every 5,000 - 10,000 miles (when you change the oil).
    Purpose: one of the purposes of the motor oil is to clean the engine and prevent dirt from sticking into metallic surfaces. The dirt transported by the oil is caught in the filter to prevent it from flowing into the engine. It also catches any metallic pieces that come from the engine wear. It is essential to keep the wear of all the internal parts of the engine to a minimum. It is attached to the engine block (monobloc), in front or next to the engine.
  • Transmission fluid filter: Replace it or at least clean it every time you change the transmission fluid. In automatic cars, change it every 25,000 miles, and in manual cars every 50,000 miles.
    Purpose: They are commonly found in automatic transmission cars, since they catch any impurities created in them, preventing the wear and keeping the transmission working properly. They are located inside the transmission.
  • Cabin air filter (or pollen filter): They must usually be replaced every 6,000 - 20,000 miles, depending on how dirty they are.
    Purpose: they catch any impurities brought by the air that enters the cabin due to the air conditioner. It stops dust and pollen particles, bugs, and plant remains. They are not really necessary for the car to work correctly, but they help the passengers feel more comfortable. They are placed inside of the ventilation duct, on the passenger seat’s side.

⚠️ Warning: sometimes, the change periods vary a lot depending on how much dirt these filters have accumulated. For example, if you drive in areas where there is a lot of dust in the air, you will have to change the air and cabin filters more frequently than if you drive in a city. The same happens with fuel filters: if the fuel you use is not of good quality, it would be better to change it more frequently.

We have stated the standard periods to change these filters, but you should always change them according to the periods stated in your Pro Ceed‘s owner's manual.

Please take into account that some filters are more important than others since they have an impact on the way the car works, but all of them should be checked periodically by you or by a specialist.

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