How does the air conditioner of your Pro Ceed work?

How does the air conditioner of your Pro Ceed work?

The air conditioner circuit works thanks to the refrigerant that is inside.

The process to renew the air that enters the cabin may be divided into six basic phases:

  1. When you turn the air conditioning system on, the compressor starts. This compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant and makes it flow inside the system. The electric fan also turns on at its minimum speed. The electric fan is next to the condenser. Since it also cools the engine, it is placed next to the vehicle’s radiator.
  2. The refrigerant flows through the condenser, which is a radiator placed next to the main engine radiator. Thanks to the air that flows into the engine, this refrigerant will cool and turn into liquid.
  3. Then, it flows through a filter dryer. That is where any strange particles are removed, and any remaining bubbles left in the refrigerant are separated.
  4. Afterward, this liquid continues its path to the expansion valve. This valve lowers the pressure of the liquid quickly and pulverizes it inside of the evaporator by abruptly lowering its temperature to -3 or -5°C (26 or 23°F).
  5. The evaporator is a small radiator. Ambient air flows through it and, after it cools, it enters the cabin. The liquid inside of it becomes warm and then turns into gas.
  6. This gas flows back into the compressor to be compressed again, and the cycle starts over.

The pressure switch can be found in the high-pressure circuit. If the pressure is too low or too high, it disconnects the compressor. It can also control the electric fan’s velocity to improve the air conditioner’s performance when it is too hot.

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