How to keep your Pro Ceed safe during extended periods without use

How to keep your Pro Ceed safe during extended periods without use

If your Pro Ceed has to stay in one place for a long time, here are some recommendations to keep your car in the best possible condition.

Battery: Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. This will prevent the electrical components from consuming it, and it will prevent any future problems when you start your Pro Ceed.

Tires: Inflate your car’s tires with more pressure than the recommended one for driving. Either 3 or 4 psi should be enough. Like this, they will not get deformed when they naturally deflate.

If you will not use your Pro Ceed for a few months, you can also create some sort of support with bricks (or any other elements) and place it under the chassis so that it can help the wheels hold the weight of the car when the wheels deflate.

Fuel: Ideally, the fuel tank should be full. If there is less air inside of the tank, there is less probability of it evaporating. Additionally, like this, if the tank is metallic, you will prevent its rusting.

Hand brake: You must never activate it unless it is really necessary. It has a wire in its mechanism, and if this wire stays taut for a long period, it may get damaged. Also the brake pad (brake shoe) may get stuck or corrode the pieces it is in contact with.

Fluids and oils: Check that the levels of refrigerant, steering fluid, brake fluid, and oil of your Pro Ceed are the recommended ones.

Start: If you can, start your Pro Ceed once every ten days. This will prevent the wear of the mechanical pieces of the engine, and it will recharge the battery. During those moments, you should also turn the air conditioner on, move the automatic windows and turn all the lights on and off. The movement of the circuits will keep your car in good shape.

Exhaust pipe: Put a small cloth with motor oil in the external part of the exhaust pipe to prevent corrosion.

Cleaning: Prevent bad smells and mold in the car by cleaning the inside of the car thoroughly. You may also leave some carbon or a cup with dry rice inside so that they will absorb humidity.

To keep the outside of the car clean, you can wax your car and then cover it with a car tarpaulin.

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