What is the MAP sensor of your Pro Ceed?

What is the MAP sensor of your Pro Ceed?

In short:
The MAP sensor is the sensor that measures the pressure of the intake manifold, also called inlet manifold, of the engine (the part where the air comes in). If it gets damaged, you should replace it, because it cannot be fixed.
The acronym MAP stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure.

The MAP sensor is next to the butterfly valve, and it is usually attached to its structure or to the intake manifold. This sensor is small, and its parts are immovable. It has a small hose that is placed in a hole that leads to the inside of the air circuit.

To function, the engine always tries to draw air in, but the butterfly valve blocks it partially. This creates a depression (a “negative” pressure) inside the intake manifold. It is like sucking the air in an empty plastic bottle. The faster the engine spins, and/or, the tighter this butterfly valve is closed, the bigger this depression will get. With this and some other pieces of information, the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) estimates the engine load (the burden placed on the engine) and adjusts the fuel injection to keep its optimal performance and minimize its fuel consumption.

Signs that show that your Pro Ceed‘s MAP sensor is faulty

  • The Check engine light comes on
  • Erratic speed: sometimes you cannot speed up, the acceleration may be slow, or your car may decelerate
  • Increased smoke emissions

⚠️ Some other problems may cause symptoms similar to those of a faulty MAP sensor, for example, vacuum leaks. For this reason, it is important to examine the vacuum circuit breaker before you change this sensor.
⚠️If the MAP sensor gets damaged, you need to replace it because it cannot be fixed.

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