What is the purpose of the motor oil of your Pro Ceed?

What is the purpose of the motor oil of your Pro Ceed?

In short:
Motor oil takes care of the movable pieces of your car’s engine. It reduces wear, noise and saves energy, which minimizes maintenance costs.

The engine lubrication is the most important aspect you should pay attention to if you want to keep it working in optimal conditions. If your car does not have enough oil, it may get irreversibly damaged in a matter of minutes. And even if you can repair it, the cost will be extremely high.

This oil also “softens” friction between the different movable pieces of your car’s engine. It eliminates any direct contact between two surfaces in movement by creating a fluid layer among them. If this oil did not exist, these pieces would get worn out faster, and there would be so much heat created that the metals would melt and stick to each other, which would produce a lot of damage, most of it irreversible. This phenomenon is known as metal seizure.

Generally, good lubrication reduces engine wear and noise, and saves energy because of the diminished friction between different moving parts, and reduces maintenance costs.

Their additives also have different roles, and they generally can be found altogether in motor oils:

  • They inhibit corrosion and prevent the engine from getting rusty
  • They are dispersant: they prevent the dirt from forming any lumps, which may block any holes or become abrasive
  • They have a cleaning function: they clean the surfaces
  • They are defoamers: they prevent any air bubbles from creating
  • Their anti-friction properties reduce the friction between pieces even more
  • They work as antioxidants: they avoid the deterioration of the oil itself
  • They enhance viscosity: they allow the viscosity levels to stay high even at high temperatures
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