How much motor oil does your Pro Ceed need?

How much motor oil does your Pro Ceed need?

In short:
You should use the kind of oil recommended in your car’s owner’s manual. If you decide to fill up your car’s oil yourself, you must read the dipstick to know your car’s oil level.

You will find the exact amount of oil that your engine needs in the owner’s manual of your Pro Ceed. Please click here to read the manual and look for this information in the section frequently called “maintenance.”

If you cannot find the amount of oil your car needs in the manual but you still need to change it, please bear in mind that small and medium-sized cars usually need between 3 and 5 liters of oil, while pickups and large vehicles may need up to 8 liters.

Every time you change the motor oil, you must also change the oil filter. This way, you will prevent the new oil from stirring the contaminants captured by the old filter, and this waste will not re-enter the engine. Changing the oil filter is cheaper than changing the motor oil of your Pro Ceed once again.

If you just want to refill the oil without doing the entire replacement, you should add the oil little by little while reading the marks on the dipstick.

When you refill the oil, the oil level will rise and the new oil level will leave a mark on the dipstick. Please, take into account that dipsticks have two marks and the oil level must always be between the limits indicated by these marks found at the end of the stick.

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