How to change the power steering fluid of your Pro Ceed?

How to change the power steering fluid of your Pro Ceed?

In short:
Changing the power steering fluid is easy. To do so, you must make sure that your car is cold and its engine is off.
Take into account that you should replace it only if there is a problem with the power steering system: for example, if it is making weird noises or it is hard to turn your car’s wheels. As time goes on, this fluid gets deteriorated. You will be able to notice this deterioration because it will be dark and dull. If everything is working properly but its level is low, refill it until it reaches the mark; you don’t need to replace it completely.

To replace it, you will need these elements:

  • The recommended power steering fluid for your car. You can see which one you need in this guide.
  • A syringe or a pipette to remove the used fluid
  • A container where to put the used fluid
  • A rubber cap or something you can use to cover the reservoir mouth
  • A funnel for the new fluid
  • Paper napkins to clean any spilt fluid
  • A jack (it is not mandatory, but it makes this task easier to perform)

To change this fluid, you must follow these steps:

1. Lift both front wheels with the jack, so that there are a few centimeters between them and the floor. This step is not mandatory, but it makes this process easier.

2. Remove the power steering fluid reservoir and use a syringe to take most of the old fluid out.

3. Then, you need to extract the rest of the fluid that sill remains there. The reservoir has two hoses: The low pressure or return hose, and the high pressure hose. Unplug the return hose (it is usually the thinner one or the one that is plugged sideways), and then place its end in the container. The old fluid will come out of there.

Warning! Usually, these hoses do not have any marks so you will not be able to differentiate the return hose from the high pressure hose. If you disconnect the wrong hose, when you turn the wheel, the unplugged hose will suck fluid instead of discharging it. If this happens, disconnect the other hose.

4. Use the rubber cap to cover the mouth of the return hose you just unplugged.

5. Add new fluid to the reservoir with the help of a funnel until the reservoir is full.

6. Turn the engine on.

7. Turn the wheel all the way a few times. When you do this, the old and black power steering fluid will discharge through the hose you just unplugged.

8. Refill the reservoir with new fluid as the fluid level decreases.

9. When you see that red, clean fluid is coming out the hose, that means that the process is over.

10. Turn your car off, remove the rubber cap and plug the hose back in its place.

11. Fill the right amount of fluid and close the reservoir.

12. Pull the jack out.

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