How to rotate the tires of your Pro Ceed?

How to rotate the tires of your Pro Ceed?

In short:
There are two ways of rotating the tires of your car, depending on whether you have directional tires or not. This procedure must be repeated every 6,000 miles.

There are 2 ways of rotating the tires of your car depending on the type of tires your car has:

1. Directional tires

Directional tires are designed to rotate only in one way. They have an arrow on the sidewall of the tire so that you can identify them, like the one in the following picture. It is essential that you respect the indicated rotation or you will not get the adherence and hydroplaning resistance of the tires.

2. Non-directional tires

If the tires of your Pro Ceed do not have this arrow on their sidewall, that means that your tires are non-directional, and you need to rotate them in the following way.

Tires should be rotated by changing the position of the wheels, without taking apart the wheel itself.

If your car has dual rear wheels (two wheels on each side), or a specific tire rotation, you should always follow the instructions indicated in the owner's manual.

When should you rotate the tires?

In all cases, it is always recommended to rotate them every 6,000 miles.

Why should you rotate the tires of your Pro Ceed?

Rotating the tires periodically makes the tire wear more even and increases their lifespan. If you notice that your tires’ wear is uneven, you should rotate them and check their alignment and balance.

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