What are spark plugs?

What are spark plugs?

In short:
Spark plugs create the spark that starts the engine of gasoline cars.

To start a gasoline car, you need a spark. This happens inside of the cylinders, and the spark plugs are the ones that create it.

Spark plugs are only used in Otto cycle engines, which are usually called “gasoline” engines. This means that Diesel cars do not have spark plugs.

It is common for engines to have just one spark plug per cylinder. They are screwed into the lid, called cylinder head, and there is one part of them inside, and its connector is outside. They are connected to the ignition coil through a thick wire with a cap on its cover, as seen in the image below.

The ignition coil creates the high current necessary for the spark plug, which makes the spark that starts the fuel ignition process. In this way, the engine can start and speed up when needed.

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