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Latest problems

Abs module
Kia Rio 2009 5 DOOR 1.4 PETROL
I have replace abs module and pump but abs making nose

Not starting
Kia Rio 2005 Hatchback
My Kia rio is sparking and is putting fuel but still doesnt start. What can be the problem

AC / Air Conditioner
Kia Rio 2017
I turn on my AC it just blows warm air don't get cold at all... my AC air isn't cold. 🥶 I've put freon in it had it recharge and check the fuses/relays and there ain't bad they are all good...

Low beam heam lights turn off and back on without warning
Kia Rio 2017 4 door/4 cylinder/
The issue is i can fix anything if someone where to tell me why or what is causing my daughters headlights to go out. I know this issue has happened to many different people just bye reading the forum… 

I tried to put h11 led in and now hi beams don't work
Kia Rio 2016 Hatch 1.4 tec
Blue indicator light that says brights are on does light up either... so i put normal globes back in still not working...check globs fuses are all good

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