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Latest problems

Car stars sometimes, cuts out others
Nissan March 2002 Match
My 2002 nissan march is only starting sometimes and running well but also cuts out at times, changed spark plugs and have looked over car, no visible problems

Electric Power Sterling not working
Nissan March 2002 Hatchback
Hi team, can anyone assists me my Nissan March, my electric sterling working, I tried to change another motor drive but still not working.
Kindly assists

Car vibrates horrible
Nissan March 2014 Hr12
Vehicle vibrates and it's giving a p0138 cord I changed the catalytic and the O2 sensor but the check engine light comes back with the code. My rmp is at 0 when idle.

My Nissan march 3 cylinder engine is starting but no revs
Nissan March 2013 hatchback 3 cylinder engine
My Nissan march is starting but don't pickup revs.

Nissan march k12
Nissan March 2007 Hatchback
The car is smoking after I park it all day at work or in the morning

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