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Latest problems

It's is bringing S at the dashboard
Opel Vectra 1998 2.0
It's is showing the signs of S at the dashboard

Matching car with Vauxhaul Vectra on the below parts.
Opel Vectra 2005 hatch back, manual
Which car in South Africa has the same spare parts like the above description. E. G. Brake pads, disks, boot Shocks, front and rear shocks, suspensions and tilrod ends and balljoints. Please assist.

Hard steering wheel
Opel Vectra 2004
When starting the engine and trying to turn the steering wheel to move, it occasionally happens that it is really hard and, on the dashboard, a little steering wheel indicator appears, with an exclama… 

Opel Vectra 2006
Hi, I have an Opel Vectra and, with only 30000 miles, the flywheel needed to be replaced. I am really disappointed and I consider it must be a manufacturing problem.

Starting when cold
Opel Vectra 2000
When cold, the vehicle fails when starting the engine. It's been two years since I changed the injection pump and, due to the appearance of this failure, I have recently replaced the check or one-way… 

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