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Latest problems

Car was hit in rear, battery died three days later. Battery replaced
Subaru Outback 2019 Outback
Battery replaced and all dash lights are on, and multiple error symbols light up. Car will not turn over to start. What all can cause this? Car not scheduled to get fixed till 3/5/24.

Battery decharging
Subaru Outback 2019
Battery was dead, so replaced it. Drove 250 miles, battery still good for two or three days, then it was dead. Had it jumped, drove the 250 miles back, checked it for a start 5 hours later, and it s… 

Ignition sparked
Subaru Outback 2001
Someone stole my keys to take my car so Macanic came and took the ignition out so I can start my car with the key and also keep an ignition good for when I get another one, but I was trying to start i… 

Power window fail.
Subaru Outback 2001 Legacy 4 cylinder automatic
Both right side windows stopped 1x day ago. Today left rear window stopped. Driver’s still works. 15 amp fuse at #18 has NOT blown. Backup lights work. Any ideas? I’m trying to determine about relays.… 

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