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Latest problems

Gearbox problem
Toyota Avensis 2007 Wogan
Ref count going up when I stop and driving

Suddenly no power to ignite the car
Toyota Avensis 2004 1cd
We had to try and switch on the car after working on car but suddenly power couldn’t be supplied to the dashboard and ignition and all of the car. We thought it was a fuse but couldn’t tell which one.… 

Heater not going
Toyota Avensis 2006 Wagon
So I figured out I needed a new fuse with my heater so I could use it. Put a new one in and it worked for a minute then stopped working again. I was on a long haul tr and needed it to demised my windo… 

Many failures
Toyota Avensis 2007
I would like to share my experience with my Avensis so that you can think it twice before buying this vehicle. After two years of buying it, the 6th gear started failing and the engine consumed lots o… 

Interior lights not working
Toyota Avensis 2004
None of the interior lights turn on and, when stopping the engine and removing the key, the revolutions counter and both the temperature and fuel needles remain in the place they were at the last mome… 

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