Car filled with steam

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2006 Hatchback 150000 miles
Driving on motorway, and car Windows started to fog over severely both inside and out, and it happened in seconds to the point where I could not see out of the car driving in the fast lane.
I opened all Windows and out the windscreen wipers on to clear it up. This happened another 2 times in the same journey - in both times quickly and needing full Windows open and windscreen wipers on to clear.
Drive car home later in day and it didn't re occur.
Wondering if a pipe in the car is broken and all the excess water has now come out. Does it mean i am out of an engine fluid that the car needs? Or that if I too up all engine fluids it will happen again.
It was definately steam and not smoke.
Kiwi from New Zealand 7 years ago  
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