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Latest problems

Air condition not working
Toyota RAV4 2012 2tr
Blower switch comes on compressor not responding A/c comes on

????power loss
Toyota RAV4 2002 Hatch back
My std AWD 2002 toyota rav 4. I was driving up the mountain and it didnt have the power it use to have going up the hill...then i noticed steam coming from under the hood but gauge inside said normal.… 

Interior lights
Toyota RAV4 2010 RAV4
Two of my knob lights won’t turn on. One is for climate control and the other is how much air flow comes out. Could it be a blown fuse?

HVAC system not working at all
Toyota RAV4 2010 Limited
The HVAC system will not turn at all no cold no hot no blower motor it acts like it’s completely dead. I can’t get it to do anything I checked most of the fuses and the car doesn’t overheat, and it do… 

Radio on loop
Toyota RAV4 2014
My radio keeps looping on restart, is there any solution for this to stop, the back up camera works fine but not he radio.

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