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Sensors: Electrical device that measures the different performance parameters of the car.
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Hickup problems.

Toyota Verso 2009 1.8 Premium 157000 miles
Between letting go of the acceleration pedal and accelerating again, my car starts to hickup. A symptom that slowly grows over time. Another problem is that the idle speed increases over time to. Easy to reset by disconnecting the ECU and connect it again after 10 seconds. But still it's annoying. 🤔
Getting no error codes, neither on car display, nor on my OBD2-scanner. Any sensor somewhere? TPS or APP?
Resetting of the ECU is needed every third month. Oh, and the TPS is integrated with the throttle house. (riveted)
Would cost me £400 to change. 🥶
Toyotola from other 6 months ago  
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Toyotola from other 6 months ago
Beginning to suspect the temperature sensor. Engine is running just fine when cold. This car hasn't got a temp gauge, just a red and a blue led lamp. When the blue one goes off, the hickup problems begins.
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