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Latest problems

Using a spare key
Toyota Yaris 2007 Hatch back
My car suddenly stopped and won't start using the spare key anymore,my original key with mobiser was stolen few weeks back,what can I do to start it again

Seems to struggle shifting
Toyota Yaris 2007 Sedan
It seems like it gets stuck in 2nd gear. My dash doesn't have rpms so I don't know how high it gets before it finally shifts over

Only Vibration on Rpm 700 + 3 cylinder 1000 cc
Toyota Yaris 2012 Engine
Vibration butt isue is not found

Major fuel consumption check engine light somes on sparratically
Toyota Yaris 2007 Yaris
Check engine light illuminated every couple hundred miles goes out ever couple hundred miles cylinder 1 misfire what it says changed plugs no difference power steering goes out periodically battery di… 

Power issues
Toyota Yaris 2007
Losses power while turning wheel and turning on lights

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