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Cigarette Lighter Fuse

Toyota Yaris Cross 2022 Hybrid 4000 miles
I am looking for the cigarette lighter fuse in this new 22 model Toyota Yaris Cross and in the fuse box there is no CIG fuse. There is no fuse box under either driver or passenger footwell. Any ideas appreciated.
MickMayo1968 from United Kingdom 2 years ago  
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Mildlyannoyed from United Kingdom 5 months ago
My tyre pump blew the fuse but my main dealer can’t help unless I drive 8 miles to them! Handbook is worse than useless too. Don’t want to start pulling fuses out in case I mess the electronics up.
AMam from other a month ago
Its on the wire, near cigarette lighter socket. My father also blowed fuse with tire pump. You need to dismantle console and will find Fuse mounted directly on wire. Toyota forgot to add fuse in fuse box :)

Problems with a Yaris Cross? Share them
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