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Latest problems

Pickup problem
Chevrolet Blazer 2005 Trialblazer
Acceleration after not pickup
And vibration

Squealing BEFORE turning ignition.
Chevrolet Blazer 1987 K5 350 EFI
I have a 1987 K5 Blazer that is making a cycling squealing sound when you click the key to the "ON" position before engaging the starter. Not a belt issue. Truck is not even started, and will not star… 

Starting/fuel issue
Chevrolet Blazer 2000 Blazer
My 2000 Chevy blazer 4.3liter has to keep cranking on and off takes like 20 mins and it starts up and will idle but when you give it gas it will act like it wants to die. Has a new fuel pump, filter,… 

Parasitic draw from battery
Chevrolet Blazer 1999 Lt
It starts and runs from a few seconds to a minute then stalls the idler pulley is bad and makes us think it’s causing the alternator to not charge properly. It also sat for a good while before my cous… 

Starting issues due to complete idiot that owned it before me had wiri
Chevrolet Blazer 1999 4.3l v6 4x4 4doors Trailblazer submodel
Well to start out with I replaced fuel pump fuel tank fuel filter ignition fuse the big 40 amp fuse the fuel pump relay the starter, battery, when I first got the vehicle the starter was not bolted on… 

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