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Latest problems

Did new clutch kit and gearbox pins. Now engine light is on?
Daewoo Matiz 1999 Daewoo matiz
The put a new clutch kit in, and took gearbox out and put back in. And now when i drive my engine light comes on. The didnt work on the engine. What could be wrong, why is the light on. Olease help

Power and accelerating
Daewoo Matiz 2008 Hatchback
I'm using Daewo matiz 3 it doesn't pull when accelerating

Driveshaft removal from Automatic Gear box
Daewoo Matiz 2005
I have a Daewoo 3, and recently change the gearbox. I realise that the shaft remove from the gear box which caused leakage. I have changed the seal but the problem. Persists. I need your help.

Water pump problem
Daewoo Matiz 2006
The water gushes out from under the car after about an hour drive leaving the water pump empty

No spark on my car
Daewoo Matiz 1999
Hi can anyone pls help me my car has no spark we dont know whats wrong we put a new coil and a new distreberte and still no spark

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