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Latest problems

Not starting
Ford F-250 2009 5.4liter
Sometimes I can turn the key to crank it & nothing happens, it's not the battery, then when I remove the 27 fuse (under dash) put it back it will then crank up. I didn't have any problems until I… 

Truck won’t start. The “wait to start” sensor isn’t coming on anymore
Ford F-250 2001
Hubby accidentally pulled out a wire from under the dashboard with his foot while jumping out. He replaced that wire but the truck hasn’t started since. The “wait to start” light that usually pops up… 

Can't find the fuse
Ford F-250 2000 Econoline
Can't find the fuse for that

Turbo at times will not open
Ford F-250 2008 6.4 diesel
Turbo works fine then at a red light will not open. Stop and restart engine and then it will open

Wipers run when in off position
Ford F-250 2003 Super duty
I had the wipers on to clear the windshield and when I turned them off they kept running.

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