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Latest problems

Brake problem brake pedal goes down and want come back up but I have s
Ford F-350 1997
Brake pedal goes down and want come back up but I have some brakes

Fuse #23 blowing every time try to start
Ford F-350 2005 Single cab 5.4 triton 4x4
Fuse #23 keeps blowing every time I try to start it. Initially started on interstate at about 80 mph just shut down on me and would not start back up so I've been tracing trying to find the issue... c… 

Pass window will not roll up
Ford F-350 2006 F350
Passenger window will not roll up after being rolled down with either the driver or pass your side switch replaced switch and actuator on passenger door pass your side switch dead will do nothing repl… 

4x4 relay 4x4 won’t work or engage
Ford F-350 2006 6.0
4x4 won’t show on my dash or engage

El aire acondicionado caliente
Ford F-350 2015 Doble rodaje
No funciona el aire caliente

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