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Latest problems

dashboard buzzer
Ford Focus 2009 Hatchback
Warning buzzer keeps sounding and dashboard goes off

Starting issue
Ford Focus 2015 Ford focus 1.5
When starting at first it was ticking but it won't start. Sometimes the whole screens go black nothing is working like the battery died but the battery is 90 charged. It can turn back on after 20/30 m… 

The drivers side headlight is working perfectly normal.
Ford Focus 2004 Hatchback
2003 ford focus one side headlights not working
The drivers side headlight is working perfectly normal. I've checked all headlight related fuses

Gray smoke from exhaust
Ford Focus 2004
Gray smoke from exhaust
When coming to a stop

Replaced fuel pump now car struggles to start
Ford Focus 2008
After replacing fuel pump, it ran good for a day then the check engine light comes on and if it turn the car off, it struggles to start back up. I went to AutoZone about the check engine code and the… 

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