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Latest problems

Sync always malfunctioning
Ford Focus 2015
I have to pull the fuse almost once a month to reset the sync for it to work again

My fog light doesn't come on
Ford Focus 2011 Hatch back zetec
I have tried checking the fuse box but mine is not on the diagram available

Transmission noise
Ford Focus 2008 automatic transmission
Clicking noise coming from transmission. Only happens when i left off the accelerator and car is coasting. As soon as i touch the gas noise stops. Sounds like a carnival spinning wheel game

Accelerating without pressure on pedal.
Ford Focus 2019 Focus
Driving onto freeway, accelerating to correct speed but the car keeps accelerating well past legal limit even though my foot is completely off accelerator pedal. Pressed brake and pulled off road. Sto… 

Get “INCONCLUSIVE” reading on six sensors
Ford Focus 2014 Hatchback
Six sensors read “Inconclusive” and cannot pass smog in this condition. How do I reset all these sensors?

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