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Latest problems

Overheats constantly
Ford Taurus 2012
The car is constantly overheating. Also battery dies almost instantly..
We tightened the heater core lines... Checked fluids

power windows don't go up or down
Ford Taurus 2007 v 6
power windows do not work need to know what fuse it could be

Had loose battery cables car clicked like there was a dead battery
Ford Taurus 2012 Ford Taurus SHO
I have no control of the heat or radio heat is stuck on defrost and the ac is on I've tried touching the battery cables together off the battery of course I let it sit overnight like that did not solv… 

No spark just cranks
Ford Taurus 2010 3.5 v6
Cranks no Start and also don’t have any spark ⚡️

Power supply to driver side arm rest control panel
Ford Taurus 2006
Intermittent and random power to armrest control panel. Windows will not go up or down or
Get stuck in the position where ever they are and then come back on whenever they want

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