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Latest problems

Car won’t start or read key fob. Stays on Security mode
Nissan Altima 2009 Altima
So I parked my car turned it off and I accidentally didn’t put the car in par so I put it in park after and when I came back to the car it was not allowing me to start it at all because it says on the… 

So when I push the start button the car loses all power... fan comes on
Nissan Altima 2008 2.5
Car won't crank all power shut down when I push to start button

Nissan Altima 2012 2.5
When switching gears the car loses power the rpm drop really low why is that and it smells like something is burning

Ignition key
Nissan Altima 1996 4door,4cdl,automatic
I popped the main fuse on my ignition but cant find tge main fuse to change it ive checked all fuses but to no avail

Nissan Altima Bucking
Nissan Altima 2013
My Nissan Altima started bucking while I was driving. It seems like it was going to stall. I checked the coolants and it was empty. I put antifreeze but didn't check the radiator. The next day I was d… 

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