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Speedometer and revs
Opel Astra 2001 Seda.
When I turn on my car the speedometer shakes at zero and my revs sit at 0 and if I drive like this every now and then the speedometer will hit 220 kmph

Hi, Opel Astra Euro 1997 1.6i, 8 valve,
Opel Astra 1997 Engine
Car doesn't want to start, and RPM is low when pedal is flat on floor, not even getting to 2200rpm

مشكلة فيtrotel
Opel Astra 1999 18
عندما نضفت التروتل زادا صوت السيارة إلى2.5 في العداد وهاده مشكلتي

Star up noise
Opel Astra 2012 Hatchback, manual
Hello, I have a 2012 Opel astra 1.4t. When starting up my car it makes this cluncking/grinding noise…it only happens when warm not on a cold start. Can’t quite figure out what it is, any help is appre… 

Engine problem
Opel Astra 1995 Hatchback
Some of my engine plugs are not working and its hard to start the engine

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