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Latest problems

Interior vent fan does not turn on
Toyota Tacoma 2012
Fan for AC and heat vents will not turn on

Fusebox diagram and what they do? Need to find the Secondary air
Toyota Tacoma 2008 Truck
Injection System Relay A Circuit and what kind of fuse do I need?

The truck said through the car that it was shuting down and it did
Toyota Tacoma 2008 Truck
The truck won't I think it said electrical and was going to shut and it did I had gone to autozone and they put it the machine and the report says secondary air injection system relay A Circuit was tr… 

Key Fob stopped Working
Toyota Tacoma 2012 Prerunner Quad Cab 4.0L V6
Yes, I replaced the battery on the key fob. Went to get a replacement and found out that the "alarm" system would not communicate with thier computer. Anyone know where the fuse for the antitheft syst… 

Won't start after replacing battery.
Toyota Tacoma 2006
My 2006 Tacoma has been down for a couple months due to needing a new battery and terminals. I replaced the battery and terminal (positive) today. Now it will turn over once and then just shut everyth… 

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