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Fuses: Device used as electrical protection. It limits the electrical current that flows through a circuit.
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Fuse box issue

Volkswagen Caddy 2015 Caddy 82000 miles
Ujable to charge my phone using usb port in the cigarette lighter
Matt from United Kingdom a year ago  
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Flannel from United Kingdom 10 months ago
I have tried several combinations of USB adapters and cables to try and charge my iPhone with no luck. I have found that it works to charge other things and powers my dashcam no problem. I got round it by using it to charge a power bank and charge my iPhone off that!

Different bulb warnings coming up on dash. SolvedSolved

Volkswagen Caddy 2018  60000 miles
Fuse identification. Bulbs ok.
110bal from United Kingdom 10 months ago  
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Best answer (according to 110bal)
110bal from United Kingdom 9 months ago
I found 30amp fuse, in fuse box next to battery, with melted plastic which caused bad connection. This made several lights to fail and constant dashboard warnings. Cleaned connection and renewed fuse. All lights then working ok. Replaced couple of dark, but working bulbs, which removed warning lights on dash. Fuse labelled sb16 at top of box. 30amp. “On board power supply control unit battery , ABS, headlights and turn signals”
Hope this helps someone else.

No heater not working

Volkswagen Caddy 2018 2.0l 10000 miles
Location of heater fuse interior fuse box
Haz555 from United Kingdom a year ago  
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