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Latest problems

High engine temperature
Ford Figo 2008 Hatchback
Every morning during winter the car does not start it shows high engine temperature on the screen. But during the day it start.

My car is not idling it's switching itself off...
Ford Figo 2012 Hatchback
I did an engine overhaul recently and my car was struggling to start at first but now it's starting okay but it's not idling. Could it be the throttle body?Please help

Cut no power
Ford Figo 2014 hatchbag
Cutting no power when driving hills

Ford Figo 2014 Hatchback
Redone water pump, thermostat, water pipes, radiator, fan switch, head gasket. Car is still overheating. Please help

Problem shifting into gear 3
Ford Figo 2018 Hatchback,
My car can engage into any gear but refuses to engage gear three.

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