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Latest problems

Drivers side speaker not working properly. Just the bass sounds cone t
Ford F-150 2013 F150
Drivers side speaker not working properly

Will not start without starting fluid but runs fine after
Ford F-150 2006
I have a 2006 f150 5.4 that has decided not to start without ether. After it warms up it will start fine until it cools down. Then it needs another 3 seconds of the devil's spray. It does not throw an… 

Transmission issue
Ford F-150 2005 F150 4.2
It takes a few seconds to shift into drive, when in town I can turn o\d off and it shifts perfectly but with o\d on it slips if I let off the gas and hit it again. On the highway it shifts perfectly b… 

Disable my anti-theft system
Ford F-150 2010 Stx
Admin key Lost no programed key

Trailer marker lights not working
Ford F-150 2014 3.5L crewcab
I have a trailer and all lights are working except the marker lights on the side. I know they work because they are on when i plug into another truck.

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